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Our Wedding: Fashion + Beauty

All of the gorgeous photos in this post are brought to you
by Kristen Marie Parker, our incredibly talented wedding photographer 

Full Disclosure— This is a long one, folks.

Far be it from me to write a short post when it comes to the fashion choices for the wedding, it was a detailed and well thought out approach when it came to choosing the attire for this event.

I wanted the color of light blue to weave itself throughout the event in a natural way, coming into play here and there, and being grounded by a similar approach with pinks in our florals.  When it came to balancing that with a neutral base, I turned to browns to solidify the airy vintage feel we were looking for.

Full wedding party including ushers 

The Guys

For the groomsmen's attire, we took an untraditional approach.  Really, I suppose you could say we took an untraditional approach with the whole wedding, but also for the men's suits!

From the get go we were looking for a vintage style, brown suit.   I wasn't sure how we would source them, if they would be all the same or varying somehow, etc.  At a traditional Men's Warehouse type scenario, which is where I'm assuming most wedding attire comes from for the guys, I found mostly black getups with colorful ties for pulling in color.  I just wasn't crazy about it, and it didn't seem to fit with anything else we had going on.

So I turned to the internet.  And relatively quickly I found Studio Suits, where we ended up sourcing our groomsmen's suits from.  Instead of renting suits, the guys got custom made suits to their measurements in the exact shade of brown herringbone fabric that we wanted, for very similar cost.   And they got to keep them for any future use.   Their blue patterned pocket squares and sand hued ties came from Pocket Square Clothing Co. , and brown dress shoes completed the look!

The guys at Alderbrook

Details of Steve's Attire

The Girls

The bridesmaids dresses were one of my favorite parts of planning.  I loved getting to go source the dresses from BHLDN and Adrianna Papell, and try them on with the girls.  The whole spread was inspired by my Maid of Honor's dress (the navy one) that I tried on a few years back when I was looking for wedding guest dresses for a friend's black tie wedding.   I just thought it was the most beautiful dress ever, and that incorporating it as the MOH dress was meant to be.  The difficulty after that was finding shades of blue that would complement each other and have enough, but not too much in common, making each of their dresses unique.  And it was all done without having my skirt done yet, working from memory as to what that blue color was in comparison to the girls' dresses.

I really LOVE how they turned out all together, and I just love each of their dresses so much.

When it came to jewelry we wanted something that was special but that didn't compete with the beading that each of their dresses had.  So we opted for these dainty silver necklaces from Kendra Scott that were the perfect little touch to finish the look.   It was a fun day going to Kendra Scott and lying all the dresses out on the counter to see how the jewelry would look with each one!

Elyse checking out Grandma Carol's dress (it matched so perfectly with the girls'!)

J29 Events brought the girls' shoes to their seats!



Each dress had a different beading pattern to it 

Our Officiant

Our officiant at our wedding was Andrew's brother, Dan.  It was so special to have him officiate for us because neither Andrew or I are very religious, so it seemed more right for us to have someone who is close to us helping us exchange our vows.

When it came to Dan's suit, a charcoal grey tweed suit was chosen to differentiate him from the groomsment, again from Studio Suits, and with tie and Pocket Square again from Pocket Square Clothing Co.  His suit matched the ushers but Dan had a 3 piece suit, and they had light blue ties with  Dan having his speckled darker one to signify his official officiant-ness.


The Bride and Groom

I was successful at keeping the blue skirt a secret, which is pretty big for me, I think that this was the one thing in the whole wedding that Andrew didn't know about.  I did such a good job at keeping my lips sealed that I managed to never tell our planner Shauna either!  She exclaimed to me when she saw me on the day, "You never told me it would be blue!"

I had weaved so many little calls to the skirt into our invitations, rentals, the girls dresses... almost to the point that I thought people might know even though I didn't intend for them to.  But I guess it was subtle enough not to give anything away prematurely!

Drew's suit even had blue woven into the plaid pattern, and his velvet bowtie was navy to tie in as well.

Love in the Wilderness

Down by the lake shore during our reception 

The Groom

Andrew's suit was a darker brown from the groomsmens' designating him as the groom, and his suit was a plaid wool also.  It had little lines of light blue running through it to match my dress.  His suit was from Studio Suits as well, but he had a 3 piece suit, with a vest that matched the groomsmen's suits.   His velvet bow tie was from the Etsy shop Guys and Ties, and his animal illustration pocket square was from the Etsy shop James Barker Draws.


Andrew loved his bow tie! 

The Bride

Hair and makeup for all of the girls and moms was done by Bridal Beauty Agency of Seattle.  They did such a wonderful job, and everyone's hair and makeup looked amazing.  Lindsey and Dedra were so kind and helpful in helping me decide what to do with my hair and makeup for the day.  I know next to nothing about hair and makeup, and they made me look better than I thought that I could!  It was a lot of fun getting ready with everyone in our little Airbnb cabin tucked in the woods.

Dedra at work with her mad makeup skills!  Getting Ready robe from Etsy shop Studio Chantilly


The story on my dress is one of two different regions, much like our whole day.  The cream lace dress was found with my mom trying on dresses at The Glamour Closet in Chicago.  It was the perfect unexpected find at the end of the day of dress shopping.   It was exactly what I was looking for.  Something with dainty lace that wasn't too heavy or over done, with buttons all down the back, and three quarter length sleeves.   Literally everything that I wanted for the top.  It was perfect, and light and ethereal, and the skirt was not too heavy.  I'll be honest, I did not think I was going to find this perfect fairytale dress in Chicago, but it found us.

And the moment I put it on, I knew it was the perfect fit for the light blue tulle fairy skirt I had found the previous fall in Portland.  The skirt was made to my measurements and is the most perfect shade of mountain stream blue.   I found this lovely creation at The English Department in Portland, OR on one of our planning trips out west.  It was made by Claire La Faye, and it is a dream.

My look was adorned with a delicate little opal necklace of my mom's, and some stunning rose gold earrings from Kendra Scott.  I had planned on wearing these gold heels from Sam Edelman down the aisle, but the forest floor decided otherwise!  So I donned my Kate Spade sparkly Keds that I had bought for myself and the bridesmaids to wear dancing and we were off!  And of course I will be doing a whole post on the florals later, but I would be remiss not to note the beautiful floral crown that VanessaSchmidtco. made.  That girl has talent for DAYS, I love her so much.



Also, a huge thanks to Alex and Luca from Mario Tricoci for their incredible work coloring and cutting my hair for the big day and everyday, respectively.   ♥♥

Walking around with all the layers had its challenges, but eventually we got the hang of it! 

Vendor Links

Photography  | Kristen Marie Parker
Hair + Makeup |  Bridal Beauty Agency
Jewelry | Kendra Scott
Bridesmaid Dresses | BHLDN + Adrianna Papell
Men's Suits |  Studio Suits
Nails | Charme Salon
Hair Color | AlexM
Hair Cut | Luca 
Men's Accessories |  Pocket Square Clothing Co.
Groom's Accessories  |  James Barker Draws  +  Guys & Ties

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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