Friday, January 3, 2020

2020 New Year's Resolutions

I find these end of year reflections to be so useful to me.  Instinctively, I like to be able to sum up and reflect on pockets of time, look back at what happened, how I handled things, and try to learn from life's events.  So often I worry that I may make a bunch of resolutions and then end up with zero follow through.  So making a point to look back and recognize what worked and didn't work is important to me.  

So in preparation for writing this, I decided to take a look at last year's resolutions and see what I actually followed through with, and what was challenging to maintain.   Here goes!

  • In last year's resolutions I resolved to be a positive force and to be creative.  I do feel like I've been keeping this one top of mind.  Whenever I'm faced with stressful situations or encounter negativity, I tend to try to approach it with a fresh mind.  Also, I've been putting creativity first more, and it's been quite rewarding.
  • I resolved to be more aware of what I put into my body (like, food, candy, etc.).  This one petered out about a month before the wedding.  I really did try, and I started the year great on this, but once big stressors came up I tended to gravitate toward those unhealthy things I crave that aren't good for me.  Good news is, I am starting to actually not like coca cola to some extent, so that's progress.
  • I resolved and feel that I excelled in being present more and savoring everyday.
  • I resolved and feel that I excelled in being a more patient version of myself.
  • Last year I resolved to continue building my business.  I have watched things grow, but I think I could improve on figuring out how to consistently focus on both blog and Etsy; sometimes it is hard to do both at once. 
  • I resolved to not let stress get me down; i.e. not to dwell on it. Sometimes stress still gets to me, but mostly I am aware that it is happening, and I am able to talk myself down.  I also feel that I am much more able to move past something stressful happening, and focus on the positives.
  • I strove to launch more projects.  Hmm, maybe not as much?  I feel like I've been able to achieve consistency in the blog and obtain a higher production value, but I'm not sure about 'more projects', and that might be ok?  I feel like this one might not have been as healthy as I was intending it to be.  I am definitely feeling more creative, and I'm happy about that, but I think I'm focusing more quality over quantity.
  • "Be more aware of what's happening globally."  This one is rough.  Yes, on the one hand I am somewhat aware of what is happening through Facebook friends and other outlets I find.  I am struggling though in wondering if any outlet is truly unbiased, and also that it seems these days bringing up any sort of issues in the world with others causes a whole whirlwind of chaos.  Things that seem like no-brainers to me suddenly can cause all sorts of heated debate.  As a result it honestly gets super depressing.
  • I vowed to show more love and connect with other creatives.  I do feel like I've reached out and connected with a lot of friends this year, and it feels wonderful.  I'm so socially anxious so sometimes its honestly a lot mentally just for me to text someone and be like, "hey hows it going?"   The part that I'm still struggling with is reaching out to other creatives.  I need to do this more. 
  • "Streamline Finances".  Honestly I can't remember what I meant by this.  I think I meant boil everything down to predictable monthly costs?  Honestly this year with all the wedding costs it gets really impossible to boil things down.   I'm sure I could do better in this one?  I'm not sure.  I basically have the same payments every month, so maybe I did achieve this one after all!
  • "Remember to be aware of my own needs and that it's ok to say no".  Made BIG strides in this this year.  I am notorious for saying yes at the expense of my own interests.  It is one of my biggest problems, because I never want to make anyone else uncomfortable.  I am a people pleaser.  But I feel like this year I have been able to focus on my own goals and stop letting 10 million little responsibilities get in the way.
  • And lastly, "Work to live, dont live to work". I very easily slip into worker bee mode, and unchecked I will work myself into the ground if I don't remind myself to stop and make sure I'm working on things I find important.   Life is FULL of temptations to sacrifice your life for work, just for the sake of work.  Make sure that your time is spent on what YOU find to be valuable in life.  You've only got one after all.

And so, without further ado, this year's New Year's Resolutions:

Keep making art and trying new things! 

Time spent with people and making art are at the top of my list for time well spent in life. 

Be confident in what makes me happy, and not as quick to shoot myself down. 

More collaborations and connections! 

Because it's healthy and I should, and I really don't know what's stopping me other than procrastination. 

It truly clears my mind, and that is so needed. 

I let it go way too long sometimes.  I really want to take better care of these locks! 

Because I know basically nothing.   

I need to be better balanced! 

Because this relic from 2013 barely loads webpages anymore, and my cousin just informed me that
you've been able to text message a computer for like 6 years now and I had no idea.  

I'll be trying to keep these things top of mind in 2020.  What are you looking to keep forefront in your mind this year?

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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