Tuesday, February 4, 2020

February Craft: Feathered Hearts

Hello, and welcome to February Lovelies!!

Today I've got a fun and simple craft for you that will bring a little bit of festive valentine's glow to your home this season.

What you'll need:

— Foam circles that are at least 12 x12 (I ordered these)
— Paper stencil of a heart (basically, just draw a heart on paper and cut it out so all your hearts are the same size/ shape)
— Pen for drawing your paper heart
— Feathers of assorted colors in valentine's colors
— Paper Clips
— Baker's Twine or Other String
— Scissors
— Hot Glue Gun

What To Do:

The process for these is pretty simple.

1. Use your heart stencil to draw the shape of your heart on your foam.  Then cut your foam down to the shape with your scissors.

2. Use your glue gun to layer on your feathers, starting at the top and gluing them down as you layer them in, covering up all of your foam showing on the front side.

3. Flip your heart over, and make a string to hang it on by gluing down 2 paper clips, and then threading a bit of string through them and tying it off.

4 Voila!  You have some cute feather hearts to decorate with!

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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