Friday, February 7, 2020

Valentine's Fizzy Cakes

This month I'm bringing you two fun cakes to make that are just perfect for Valentine's, and each is made with a fizzy beverage!


Cherry Cola Cake

The first cake I've made here is a decadent one.   This is a Cherry Coke cake layered with cherry pie filling, and topped off with a classic fudgy chocolate frosting.  

The original recipe that I went off of for this one was from Pass the Sushi.  I adapted it to be for a cake, and instead of filling cupcakes with a scoop of pie filling, opted to sandwich it in between four layers of the cake instead!  Also, I went for a smaller cake for Andrew and I to share, using 6-inch cake layers instead of my usual 9.  I was so surprised to see how small the tins were after I ordered them on Amazon, and quickly realized it would make my baking times a lot shorter than usual!  And that was fine by me!!!

Additionally, for the frosting and final artistry,  I went with the fudgy chocolate frosting from my favorite cupcake book by Martha Stewart.  I think I've said it before, but this book is so perfect for me.  It has a whole variety of different cupcake recipes that easily transition to full cakes, and it really gives you the building blocks to make pretty much anything you'd want to in the realm of home baked cakes!  This fudgy frosting gave this cake the extra layer of decadence that it needed, and I finished it off with some splatters of powdered sugar (my kitchen was covered when I was done!), and a pile of juicy cherries dripping down the sides.   

Also, I loved trying out a new technique of frosting that I learned how to do via some Youtube videos to make the elegant-yet-imperfect swirled layered edges.  All you need to do is drag your offset spatula along the edge of the cake while turning the plate smoothly, and slowly move it upwards, creating a swirl around the edge of the cake!  It also helps to frost your cake after the cake layers have cooled in the fridge for a while, and while the frosting is fresh and workable.  That way you won't end up with cake bits in your frosting!

Pink Champagne Hearts

These tiny cakes were made with a heart shaped pan and are so cute!

This recipe comes from the blog Liv for Cake, and is so delicious!!  Unfortunately, I feel like these little hearts didn't shine as well as the chocolate cake in my pictures, probably because I baked them and then immediately frosted them, as I previously advised not to do!  >.<  My frosting was having a hard time spreading on these little beauties, but I want to make sure I convey to you just how awesome this cake recipe is!!!

The actual cake inside  (which I also failed to capture, *facepalm*) is pink and SO CUTE for this season.  The cake recipe is delicious, and you should definitely make it if you're feeling cake-y this season.   These little cuties are great 3 bite cakes to bring to work for friends or have at home when you're not feeling making a full cake.  I actually had enough batter to make a small 6 inch layered cake as well, that we will be enjoying this week!



Until Next Time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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