Friday, February 28, 2020

The Women's Wellness Retreat


In today's stress-filled world, everyone needs a chance to step back and relax.  Some people go on a vacation, a stay-cation, or go on a long weekend somewhere nearby with friends, family, or on their own.  In books and a little bit in person, I've heard whisperings of another kind of life-break:  the retreat.  A chance to step back and recharge or heal from the stresses of life and reassess and relax.  I know I used to get so stressed out, the only thing that
would get me through from Monday to Sunday was the prospect of an exciting trip on the horizon, be it in a month or even 4 months away.  Andrew and I have been fortunate enough to explore the shores of Acadia in Maine, the Redwood forests of California, a multitude of scenes in the Pacific Northwest, and most recently, the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.  For us, all of these destinations are a flight away, and require a bit of planning to pull off.  I love adventuring with my husband, we're always looking for that next thrill over the horizon.

Somewhat recently I was struck with a realization that as we get older and leave our student days behind, we lose a little bit of the community that comes with that phase of life.  We no longer all live in the same town, we gain new experiences and a new normal steps in.  I've encountered the idea of a women's retreat from a few different places in the last few years, and there's so many kinds!   You can take a camping retreat, a spiritual one, a yoga retreat, or even surfing! 

It's got me thinking about what a women's retreat would look like to me: something wherein I can connect with other women over group activities like baking, be able to sleep in, and share life experiences, I think.  I think there's so much we can learn from each other, and we can empower each other and form deeper connections and community.  I would want everyone involved to feel energized, refreshed and supported from it.

What does your ideal women's wellness retreat look like?

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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