Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Just a Little Sweater Love

Oh sweaters, the soft warm hug of winter clothing!

There's something about a snuggly sweater that makes the winter days a little more comforting and enjoyable.  I wanted to come on here and talk about some of my favorite sweaters in my wardrobe and why I love them.   As with anything in fashion, there are so many different sizes, weights, silhouettes and styles for sweaters out there!

The Light Neutral Sweater

This one is a somewhat new addition to my wardrobe as I purchased it going into my shooting for January, and it has quickly become one of my favorites.   I've tried to find that perfect light colored sweater that will go with so many things, and I've been on the hunt for so long!  I've purchased a couple others of some similarity, and for one reason or another, they just never got to go-to status.   This one is from Target, and I love that it is a slight oatmeal color, and is super warm without being too warm, it is not too oversized but not too tight and constraining, it works tucked in and not... basically it is now the mecca of light colored sweaters to me.  Let's hope I never spill tomato sauce on it, shall we?  :)

The Light Hem Detail Sweater

This one was actually one of the aforementioned 'on the hunt' finds, but it doesn't get quite as much wear.  It's definitely a great sweater though, and I love the hem detailing!  This one is a Francesca's collection sweater, and they have a bunch of great styles to choose from.  I love this one for casual at home days, and it goes great with jeans or leggings, or even with a skirt!  The drop shoulder hem on the sleeves definitely gives it a certain slouchy vibe, so its great for casual days!

The Polka Dot Number

This cute one from Madewell is a fun one for everyday, and it can awesome for a fun dinner out with friends or family, or it can be dressed up layered with a collared shirt.  I love the Madewell style and was super jazzed when I found this one while I was out thrifting once.  Definitely a cute classic sweater!

The Cropped Chenille Sweater

A chenille sweater has a special place in my heart, for sure.  They are the softest sweaters around, and really made a big statement a few winters back when I originally purchased this one.   I also love the burgundy color that lends itself so well to being complemented by rose gold tones.  Ugh, LOVE!   This sweater isn't the most worn sweater in my stash by any means, but I am always excited when I think of a new way to layer and style it to complement other pieces in my wardrobe.

The Marsala Pocketed Sweater

This one was another that I found out thrifting, originally from H+M.  I love the color and the somewhat preppy quality of this sweater, and the adorable little front pocket.  I love how it is pretty fitted, but not uncomfortably so, and it lends itself to layering.  It is a great go to for a lunch out with friends or a day inside watching movies.

The Blue Cable Knit Sweater

Everybody loves a classic cable knit sweater, and being a blue eyed person, I always love a pop of blue to complement eye color.  This one was also a thrift shop find, and I love how well it goes with all my plaid skirts!  It also really lends itself to transitioning through all of the cold weather seasons, from pairing well with earth tones in the fall, and playing off nicely with pastels and florals in the spring as well!

The Snowflake Sweater

What better way to celebrate the winter season than with sequin snowflakes???   I love having thinner sweaters like this in the winter to allow layering to happen on those slightly warmer days.  Here, I'm being wintry and layering up with a sweater cardigan as well.  I also love graphic tees/ sweaters or ones with conversational prints like this so you can print mix.  They really lend themselves to going with another print like I've done below with the intarsia knit cardigan.   Also, fyi a conversational print is one that has one or a few elements repeated, like the snowflakes.  It creates a pattern but it isn't an all over pattern like a plaid, and is named as such because it's meant to spark a conversation!

The Little Black Sweater

There's a lot of talk out there about the classic 'little black dress' being a staple in a girl's wardrobe, but what about your staple black sweater???  I love this one for so many reasons.  It's a J Crew wool sweater and I love how classic and timeless it is.  Not to mention the 3/4 length sleeves (my fave!), and the cute fringe detailing on the sleeves and bottom hem!  This one is very cute and can go with so many things, casual and more dressy!

The Cowl Fair Isle Knit Sweater

I just love a big cowl next sweater in the winter.  They're so fun to bundle up in, and don't require a scarf!  Throw in that this one is cropped and has a fun fair isle print and I am over the moon in love.  This one is from Forever 21 a few years back and has been a staple for me since I purchased it.  It makes me want to go hole up at a ski lodge, get a fire going in the fireplace, and drink some hot cocoa!

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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