Thursday, February 27, 2020

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I feel like I am constantly in this in-between feeling, longing for more, wanting to be more successful, and yet striving to be wholly and truly satisfied with the journey.  Because I think it's only natural to be driven by anxiety — wanting more engagement on social media, wanting to form more connections with brands etc., but really, creative energies have to be driven by the genuine love of making.  Seriously, the most fun for me is getting to finally shoot
what I planned out, and then bringing that content into the digital studio and finishing it up.  I'm always so anxious leading up... will it turn out?  Will it be what I imagined it would be?  Will it suck?

For me that's the true rush — did I make what I wanted to make?  Did I make something I like?  Hopefully if I like it, then someone else out there will too.

Recently I saw someone online post about how so much of art is 'being seen'.   I made this thing, and people saw it, and understood it, or maybe they didn't necessarily understand it, but they like it or maybe it makes them feel... something.

But is this why we make art?  To make someone else feel something?  Or is this just an added hopeful benefit.  I've also seen sometimes other creators will take something down because it didn't get the engagement that they wanted.  I never want to remove something that I've made just because others didn't necessarily love it like I did.   Maybe that's just because I'm still growing, so to me nothing has enough engagement, and I wouldn't want to have nothing!

Even after everything, if it's all just for me, or maybe some random person years down the line that comes across this corner of the internet and enjoys it, I would want to keep it.  There have been a few large artistic influences for me over the years that still hold large places in my heart, and some of these artists pop into my brain now and again and I'll look them up.... And some of them have taken down all of their art and work.  And this is totally within their right to do.  But it leaves a hole for me, in my heart.  Are we only our current art that people currently enjoy?  hmm...

Something to ponder on as we move on through our day....



Shein Skirt  |  Target Cream Sweater  |  Steady Decor Earrings  |  Vintage Hair bow 

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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