Friday, August 29, 2014

Marvelous Mint

Lately I've really been into crochet, which kind of surprises me because up until about 5 months ago, I hadn't really noticed it as a thing before.  Now I'm crazy about crochet.  A little while ago I mentioned to a co-worker that I liked a crochet shirt we had in our store, and she asked if I had a bohemian clothing style.  

I hadn't thought about it before, and I suppose my answer would be no.  If I had to characterize my style it would be something like victorian meets schoolgirl.  But in reality, I don't think my personal style can be summarized by a single style category.  Sure, there are things I gravitate towards, and others I avoid, but I like to try new things all the time.

** Photographs by Andrew

The Outfit and About it:

F21 Basic V-neck. They have a multitude of colors available of their basic V-necks, and when I saw mint, I just had to snatch it up before it sold through.  I've always thought mint was such a pretty color.  Anyways, they are soft, comfortable, and very affordable.

F21 Cream Shawl.  During the colder months this shawl becomes one of my best friends.  But it does find itself jumping in on some of the late summer days too.  Its the perfect thing to throw over just about anything for an added layer of warmpth. 

F21 floral shorts with crochet from JoinTsai. Check out my DIY on this pair of shorts!

F21 heart necklace and teardrop earrings.  Everybody needs a dash of fancy in their lives. 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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