Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Trim of Your Own: Floral Denim with Crochet

Have you ever been shopping (online or in store) and admired something but wished it were just slightly different?  Sometimes I find myself looking for a unique piece and I find something like it, but
it's lacking in some way.  These shorts were exactly that for me.  Right away the dark-based floral denim caught my eye and I was in love.  The only thing that made me hesitant was the cuffed edges.  While I would have been okay with keeping the cuffs, I thought, "Why not change it up though?".  I bought the shorts and started a hunt on Etsy for the right pattern of crochet to stitch on them.  I finally found the perfect one from JolinTsai on Etsy.

Once I got the crochet in the mail, I excitedly opened the package, got my shorts, a needle and thread and got to work.  The first thing I had to decide was if whether I would stitch the crochet directly onto the cuffs or if I would undo the cuff and make them a little longer.  

I opted to undo the cuffs and make them a little longer, so I took a seam ripper and worked through the stitches holding the cuffs rolled, one at a time, as shown below. 

Once the cuffs were unrolled, I broke out the needle and thread.  If you're planning on doing something similar, you'll want to choose a thread that matches the color of the trim being added because it's being sewn onto the front and focal side of the garment.  If it were the other way around, I'd choose black thread to match the dark fabric.

Once the trim was sewn on around the edges, I worked the unfinished edges together with the thread, making the crochet seamless all the way around the pant legs.  The finished product is shown above, and I'm very happy with my new unique shorts!  It's fun to make small alterations once and a while, because it makes the piece truly unique — I know no one will have something exactly like this.  Not only that, but small alterations aren't that hard to pull off, so there's no need to be an expert seamstress!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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