Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Channels of Life

It's kind of wonderful being in a place near different sources of water.  Even when there's not public access to them, being able to look out over a river or lake is peaceful.  There's something calming about it.  Maybe it stems from growing up in a family that had an affinity for lakes and boats, but I've always been drawn to nautical themes in clothing.  

Whether its an anchor print, military style buttons, or even something subtle like this striped scarf, it's fun to add a touch of the watery themes to your everyday.  I don't often pair multiple light colors together, but it is a style that has become somewhat prevalent as of late, and I think it helped pull together the nautical theme for this outfit.

**Photographs by Andrew

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 high-waist shorts. I have these in both black and this tan color, and they are very versatile and pull together many an outfit.

F21 polka dot bag.  When I first bought this it was intended for beach use, but since I've managed to work it into lots of everyday outfits as well.

F21 striped scarf.  This scarf is one of my favorites because of its odd triangular shape and long, stringy crochet segments.  I like that it is unique and a little bit strange.

Francesca's Ship Wheel earrings.  Having fun with the nautical theme!

Earthbound Trading Co. Necklace.  Transitions nicely to this preppy outfit, calling to mind allusions to compasses.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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