Friday, August 15, 2014

Topped with a Bow

I've been pleasantly surprised lately by the results of trying on last summer's shorts.  What was once just a bit too snug is feeling just right as of now!  I hope this keeps up and isn't just the result of moving boxes this week!  Really though, it might actually be because I've limited myself to drinking one soda a day (goodbye massive cola addiction, I do not need you killing any more of my lil' chompers!), which would be a MIRACLE because I honestly haven't worked out in probably five years.  Every once and a while I pop in this ridiculous yoga DVD I have from the early 2000's and keep up till it gets to the part about planks and then I take a nap on the carpet.

**Photographs by Andrew

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 Blouse.
Forever 21 shorts.
Forever 21 hair bow, and floral tie.
Forever 21 shoes.
Forever 21 bird necklace.
Vera Bradley Tote.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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