Friday, August 22, 2014

An Owl of a Time

Red is one of my new favorite pop colors for summer and winter.  It pairs very well with other primary colors and neutrals, like this owl shirt and high-waisted denim jeans.   Throw in a bright red door, and
you're all set!  

I've been pretty ecstatic about the plethora of aesthetically pleasing backdrops I've been able to find in our new town.  It seems every corner you turn there's something new to explore.  So when I saw this bright red door at a nearby school, I was over the moon.  What a great way to show of my love of red...and owls!!

**Photographs by Andrew

The Outfit and About it:

Urban Outfitters Owl graphic tee. Similar.  I bought this years ago, but it remains one of my favorite shirts.  The owl illustrations are adorable, and the little hearts seem to be spot on with my feelings for owls. 

Forever 21 hanger necklace.  This necklace is super simple but also unique and quite fitting for my life and interests.  

Forever 21 high-waisted denim.  LOVE these jeans.  They are very comfortable and the perfect thing to pair with crop tops and long tops alike. 

Forever 21 red belt.   The perfect accessory for a bright pop of color. 

Forever 21 polka dot bow.  Surprisingly I haven't found a ton of outfits that these little bows work well with, but this one was perfect!!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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