Thursday, August 28, 2014

Style Inspirations: Spencer Hastings of Pretty Little Liars

Though my style is ever-changing, there are some solid style inspirations that I like to draw confidence from, and one of them is  Spencer Hastings from the TV show Pretty Little Liars.  She wears some of the cutest outfits, and is fearless when it comes to print mixing and layering, two of my favorite things :).  I went through season 4 and screen capped three of my favorite outfits that this character wore to share with you.  So here goes!

Season 4, Episode 6

This one I'm crazy about for 4 reasons:  One, the belt.  I love the split color with the red and the dark brown, and the fact that it's a waist belt.  Two, her use of layering with the button down plaid and a plain grey cardigan over it. Three, the fact that she mixed plaid with a second print.  And four, that she mimiked the bike pattern from the pants to the headband.  Words can't describe my feelings for this outfit.

Season 4, Episode 15

I am a sucker for collared dresses, and this is no exception.  Not only that though, the sleeve length and the use of buttons down the back make this dress even more appealing.

Season 4, Episode 20

Last but not least, the fox sweater!!  How could I not???  Here Spencer is again layering with a button down, but the unique thing about this one is that she layered with a seahorse printed button down, and a fox sweater.  So much quirkiness!!! I love.

Who are your favorite style inspirations?

- The Lovely Red Fox

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