Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mustard Yellow is the Way to my Heart

I have such high hopes for this blog, and constantly find myself wandering around the earth (although lets be real I'm not likely to travel much further than an hour and a half from my house most days) thinking up ideas that I could write about, things that excite me, things I want to share with people, and always finding new adventures and paths I want to go down.  One of my biggest problems in life (which is also one of my favorite things coincidentally) is that I literally want to do everything creative that there is, at least once.  I'll walk into a store or see something ordinary that I've had for years and really look at it for what it is, wonder how it came to be.  A tissue box.  How many people were involved in making this tissue box?  Could I make my own, reusable tissue box?  What would I make it out of? Could I adorn it with crochet?  ... Could I learn how to crochet?  How does crochet work? I'd never wondered about that before.  Etcetera.  

The one thing holding me back on this is time.   I want to have a steady, constant flow of ideas and things to share, and it always feels like the time is slipping through my fingers.  I have so much I want to do, and I always feel like I'm running trying to catch up.  With what???  My own rate of ideation?  I don't think I'll ever be content with where I'm at with this blog, which I suppose is actually a good thing.  I just want to create something that people want to read, and ENJOY reading.  I love reading blogs.  I just hope that I can contribute something to the world that someone out there on a computer looks forward to.

Speaking of looking forward to things, this is the outfit that I wore for my first day at the new job (which was weeks ago now, lol).  I was on the fence on the kimono because I'd never owned one before and I didn't know how it would work with my style.  Turns out, I love it!!

**Photographs by Andrew

The Outfit and About it: 

Forever 21 Yellow Floral Kimono. 

Owl Necklace.  From Drew.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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