Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One Windy Afternoon at the Lake


We took a walk to the lake to shoot this outfit, and I thought it was fitting for the highwaisted shorts.  What is it with highwaisted things that lends itself to a sailing theme?  Anyways, every now and again I like to rock something crisp and classic.  There's something satisfying about a really nice simple, classic pairing.  It's like the classic Audrey Hepburn wardrobe: simple, clean, and understated.

So this was the day to throw on the standard black-bowed ballet flats, don the highwaisted shorts, and top it off with a classic Coca Cola sweater, cleanly cuffed at the sleeves.  This  is a great beach outfit because its not so bottom heavy for ease of wading in the water and not getting lots of clothes covered in sand, yet the sweater cuts the cool breeze of the lake nicely.

** Photographs by Andrew

The Outfit and About it:

F21 Coca Cola sweater.  I bought this on clearance for like $16 maybe.  Obviously it was a must have because I am in a very serious relationship with Coca Cola, specifically the vanilla variety.  Other than that though, I just love the classic spin it puts on whatever look I'm stylig with it.

Payless black flats.  Ah, the classic black flat.  How could we do without?  These are American Eagle brand from Payless, and I think I've bought them at least 5 times.   I wear them until they're falling apart, and then I go and get another pair.  Seeing as I walked everywhere in college, this happened a few times.  Not that they weren't sturdy shoes, but rather I wore them every day, and that is pretty bound to happen.  But it makes me breathe easier knowing that I can always find pretty much the exact pair if I go to Payless to get new ones.  Black flats can be hit or miss depending on where you go, and these have never let me down.

F21 highwaisted shorts. I love these, and I feel like they work well with a lot of things. Again, very classic.

Urban Outfitters clutch wallet.  

F21 bow headband.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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