Thursday, September 11, 2014

Filigree and Pom-Poms

I'm excited to share one of my first stylings with my pom pom shirt from last week's Trim of Your Own post.  It's a little funny how the pom poms make the sleeves flair out on the mustard shirt, but it's a quirk I kinda like.  I'm loving how this shirt is working with the romper, and how even though the romper is CRAZY, the pom poms aren't too over the top with it.  Which, in and of itself, is crazy.

I am constantly amazed with the cool places I'm finding in this new town.  I was not expecting to find all these cool rocks when I journeyed to a nearby park for these photos.

** Photos by Andrew

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 romper. This was from the Contemporary section of Forever, where I've found quite a few funky patterns!  It's definitely a unique piece, and it gives an outfit a bit of a crazy side.

Walmart boots.
 My standard brown footwear.  They're quite comfortable, so they work well for walking around or standing long hours at work.  Scrunchie boots for the win!

Old Navy Jeggings. Ah, jeggings. They're wonderful. Part denim, part legging, and all over versatile.  Can you wear a pair of jeans under a dress?  I mean you can, but why would you?  But you can wear jeggings, and it adds some interest and pattern!

Forever 21 shirt.  Featured in my Trim of Your Own series from last week.  Lots of pom pom love here.

Carrie's Vintage Necklace. A gift from Drew.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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  1. I love this outfit! Especially the pattern on the romper. So cute!