Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Add More Mustard to Your Wardrobe [& Your Life]

At some point this spring I remembered just how much I love the color mustard yellow, and went on a mustard binge — if I'm not careful, my whole closet will end up turning this color!  This is of course
aided by all the mustard I owned previously, so my mustard revelation just enhanced the collection.  So here I am to share with you some of my favorite mustard pieces and the ways that they enhance my wardrobe (and life!).

This one is relatively new.  I purchased this one to wear on my first day of work at my new job.  I don't think I own very many nice, "work"-type blouses, so this was a fun change. Historically I've avoided chiffon because sometimes I think it can be uncomfortable, but I think this was an exception because of the sleeveless silhouette.  Regardless, being mustard, I thought it had a bright, happy feel to it and that seemed fitting for what I wanted it for.  It has transitioned into my wardrobe quite well and pairs well with many pieces.

2. Dear Creatures Sailor Sweater. 
I happened upon this adorable sweater last year at Renegade Craft Fair because Penelope's in Wicker Park was simultaneously having a sidewalk sale.  I recognized the brand as one I had seen mentioned by other bloggers and had always hoped to find out in the world.  Immediately I fell in love with the unique collar and refreshing color.  It's one of my favorites in my sweater collection!

3. Forever 21 Caramel Skater Skirt.
This skirt was only $6 as one of the pre-fall deals with Forever 21.  It was the last one on the rack and just what I was looking for, because I'm currently head over heels in love with skater skirts.  They are simple and match with an abundance of different tops and seem pretty integral to my personal style.  A perfect staple to add mustard to many outfits!

4. Etsy Mustard Appetizer Tray.
Maybe you're looking to add mustard to not just your wardrobe, but your life too!  That's how I happened into ordering this adorable appetizer tray from CleosTreasures on Etsy.  I loved the vintage scalloped pattern and the unique golden handle, and its perfect for serving little bites!

5. Urban Outfitters Crochet Inset Dress.
I bought this quite a while ago and still love it as a summer dress. It's lightweight, breezy, and oh so sunshine-y.  It definitely brightens up the day!

6. Forever 21 makeup bag.
I don't often buy makeup bags, and this one isn't actually mustard colored, but I wanted to include it because I think that sometimes just a touch of gold can have a similar effect to mustard.  This makeup bag adds just a bit of warmth with its golden stripes!

7. Lovely Red Fox Bowtie.
Sometimes you only need a touch of mustard to make a statement.  Whether I go all out styling a crazy outfit with this tie, or use it to contrast an otherwise controlled get up, a bowtie is a unique way to make an impact. 

8. Yellow Sunglasses.
Seriously these should be a must-have for everybody. There are just some days that are so sun-shiny and wonderful, only a pair of yellow shades will do.

9. Pom-Pom DIY Shirt.
I featured this shirt recently on a DIY I did, and I've worn it a few times since.  I added it to this list because it represents that basic piece that you can make your own.  Maybe you found a shirt just like this but it was purple, and you really wanted mustard.  Or blue. Or whatever. Don't let it hold you back from what you want!!!  If you want a mustard shirt with a cool pom-pom trim, make it happen!!!!

10. Urban Outfitters Crochet Scarf.
And finally, we end with this great crochet scarf.  As with the makeup bag, bowtie, and shades, sometimes all it takes to incorporate a little sunshine is a well placed accessory, especially if you're on a budget! Check out my post on scarf styling for different scarf wearing ideas!

So there you have it.  Ten mustard yellow items from my closet that add a significant amount of mustard to my life.  Maybe some of these work for you, maybe all of them do!  Regardless, I just wanted to illustrate the many different ways you can interject a new color into your wardrobe!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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