Friday, September 12, 2014

Renegade Craft Fair 2014

This weekend marked my second year in attendance of the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, and it did not disappoint, ladies and gents!  Accompanied by my Fox and Hound Photo business partner Crissy and her brother Tony, we scoured the fair on the look out for some rare finds and especially cool-
lookin' crafts.   Enough with the intro, let's get to the goods!!

Poppy and Fern

The first booth I was taken away by was Poppy and Fern, based in Austin, TX and run by hand embroidering enthusiast Rachel Pruett.  I'm a sucker for vintage, so the first thing that caught my eye was that a lot of her jewelry featured these ornate gilded frames.  Rachel learned how to stitch from her grandmother growing up, and she later translated this skill to be featured in her jewelry.

Rachel started out as a Pre- K teacher and would often travel to antique stores, where she came to admire these small vintage gilded frames, and had the idea to put embroidered designs inside and make them into jewelry.  Mr. Rabbit was one of her first designs, and he as well as all of her other friendly creations can be found on her etsy shop.  You can also look out for some of her work online and in stores at Anthropologie, where she has some embroidered wall hooks!

This Loves That

I came upon this shop near the end of the fair, and unfortunately so, because what was left was so adorable!  I couldn't wait to get home and check out what else was available from This Loves That's etsy shop.  I was not disappointed.  This shop is owned by Katie Abrams, from Champaign, IL (what a coincidence!!).  She had some seriously adorable cardholders, jewelry, and clutches at the fair, and I'm definitely going to have to order me a couple of them in the very near future, because there are so many adorable ones on her site I honestly couldn't pick a favorite... but if I had to it would be one of the envelope clutches, available in turquoise, purple, navy blue, pink, peach, olive and mint.

Other Honorable Mentions from the Fair:

Milkhaus Design This shop had some very cute bags that are screen printed and hand dyed.  love love love.

Sadly Harmless The cutest little framed prints and shadowboxes you ever did see.  This one being my very very favorite.

Confettipop — This is the shop where I got the vintage Cateye glasses featured in the top image!

And that's all folks!

** credit to Cristina Latino for shooting the title image in this post

- The Lovely Red Fox