Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Trim of Your Own: The Button Switch

Ah, the dreaded missing button.  This is the story of the adorable cardigan who lost a button friend, but it was okay because I went out and got new ones and sewed them on.   Basically, the last time I was up home visiting my parents I happened to go take a trip to Goodwill with my mom and not 60 seconds
into the store I spotted an adorable red cardigan with grey trim.  Of course, leave it to me to walk into a thrift store and still come out holding a Forever 21 piece, so there's that.

Much to my dismay however, the cardigan was missing one of the top buttons!  I was not discouraged by this of course and thought, "great!  I can make it my own!".  So I hopped my little butt down to the fabric store and picked out seven little golden buttons with anchors on them. 

An important thing to note at this point, is that if you're going to do this yourself you want to be sure that you are picking out not only the right amount of buttons, but also that they fit through the button hole on the garment.  Bring the piece with you to be abso-bloom-a-loutely sure. 

The next detail you'll not want to forget is your thread color choice!  Sewing on a button isn't difficult, but if I'd done this with white or hot pink thread?  Whew, can we say train wreck?  So I didn't have grey thread, but I figured black would blend in just fine. 

My finished cardigan!  Good as new, and unique too!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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