Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Trim of Your Own: Mustard and Pom Poms

For the second installment of my "Trim of Your Own" series, I am choosing to add some fun pom poms to a plain mustard shirt I bought.  I have been on the hunt to find the perfect everyday mustard
shirt to wear with things, and I found this one along the way.  The oversized fit hangs a little awkwardly on me, but I thought I'd spruce it up with some pom poms on the sleeves.

I've been into the pom pom trend lately as well, and I find myself picking up things I'm not even that crazy about, simply because they have pom poms attached to them.  If only this theory worked with doctors visits, car trips and bills!  So I decided that I would add pom poms to things I do like, and it would make them even better!!!

First we'll start with what you'll need.  Basically, you'll need whatever garment you've chosen to add pom poms to, a few feet of pom pom trim (can be found at the craft/ fabric store), thread of the same color as the garment, a needle, and scissors.  For this project I chose goldenrod thread, to match the shirt.

The only real difference between this project and my crochet shorts is that this time I sewed the trim to the underneath portion of the sleeves.  This way, it hides the ugly trim and its cut edges.  Like the other project, I handstitched the trim along the edges of the sleeves until I met the original point of origin.

Here is the finished product!  I'm quite happy with my new pom pom sleeve mustard shirt!!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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