Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Smoothie Bowls — One of my Favorite go-to Breakfasts

Lately one of my favorite go to breakfasts has been smoothie bowls!

I used to go to a Peeled Juice Bar for acai bowls at lunch when I worked at one of my old jobs, and I always loved getting that fresh bowl full of beautiful fruits!  I wasn't sure at the time how one would achieve something like that at home, but recently I came upon a pin from Tasty.co that blew my mind.

Of course!

That acai base in the bottom of the bowls was essentially a smoothie!

So since that day smoothie bowls have been one of my favorite breakfast feasts.

As long as I keep a few key ingredients stocked, I can play around with different fruit combos any given morning.   And the best part is they always get me energized and starting the day refreshed!

Basically, all you need to make whatever kind of smoothie bowl you'd want is below.

Smoothie Base  //  use the following to blend your smoothie base.

  • Some frozen fruit   (1 cup)
  • A bunch of bananas  (1 banana)
  • Your favorite milk or fruit juice  (1/2 cup)
  • Honey, peanut butter, or syrup (1 tbsp)

Toppings  //  top your bowl with your favorites!

  • Fruit to slice (could be kiwis, strawberries, more bananas, or other berries!)
  • cereal or granola
  • Chia seeds if you like 'em!

Seriously, these bowls take me under 10 minutes to put together and are a wonderful start to the day.  Plus, I always get to be a little creative in how I build them, so they don't get boring!  ♥

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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