Friday, May 1, 2020

My May Capsule Wardrobe

I'm very excited to have styled together my first monthly capsule wardrobe for the month of May!

I'm already loving this process so much, and I think it will make getting dressed each day fun and exciting.

In doing choosing the pieces, I really felt my merchandising roots being called upon to make a set of clothing that was all in the same vein or trend, that all worked harmoniously together.

My May capsule is primarily soft blues, pinks and creams, with some hints of dusty floral prints and lace.  There are also a few black accents to ground the set.   I feel that this soft ice cream floral capsule will be perfect for May.

Starting with the tops, I opted to go with 8 tops, ranging from cream to light blue to black.

There are a variety of textures and sleeve lengths, as May can range in temperature, but I'm thinking this will cover most any spring day and occasion.

In the realm of dresses, I opted for four.  Each has it's own print or texture, but I think they are all also speaking the same language, or "going to the same party".

I love all of these dresses, and feel that many needs are covered by them from lounging at home, to visiting the beach, to going to a restaurant for dinner.  I love this collection and feel it would cover my dress and romper needs for all of May.

Layering pieces proved to be a little tricky.

I've chosen these three items for layering, covering the gamut of casual layering sweater to outdoor jacket.  It's a little tricky to predict just how cool it will be in May, so I hope that these jackets cover it well!

Bottoms were really where I started to stray from my initial capsule wardrobe predictions from my April post.
My original plan was: 5 skirts + 2 shorts.   What I ended up with was: 3 shorts, 1 skirt, and 3 pants.

I'm predicting that I may actually need 3 pairs of pants for the May weather, but we'll also just have to see how it plays out!  Also, I probably would have included more spring skirts if I had them, and it seems this has unveiled perhaps a shortcoming in my spring clothing provisions!  We will have to see how the spring bottoms end up working!

And finally, for May I chose 3 purses, 3 pairs of shoes, and 4 hair accessories.

For bags, I chose one backpack, one crossbody, and one clutch, all in colors that pair well with my capsule, spanning the gamut of needs for day to day.

For shoes, I included two pairs of flats and one pair of espadrille heels.

And for hair accessories, I chose a straw hat, a bow, a black headband, and a llama print headband.  I think those will cover most of my needs for hair for May.

It is my intention to post my daily capsule looks on my Instagram stories for all of May, so you can see the different outfits that can be styled with these 32 items throughout the month!

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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