Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Lovely Little Office Refresh

Today is the day, guys!!

I'm very excited to share with you all the pictures from my redesigned sunporch office!

We've been living here now for about two years, and I've slowly been making progress on refreshing our apartment to be a bright uplifting home environment for us to live in.    I've gone through waves of trying to sort out our possessions and try to get rid of excess clutter but still keep things to make our space homey and inviting.   And through all of that, all the piles of stuff that were "to keep" but didn't have a home, well they all ended up finding a home in the form of piles surrounding my office space.

The one space that I spent the most time in ended up bring the dumping ground for everything I couldn't find a place to store.  I had a tower of boxes blocking all the sun from the sunporch from reaching our eating area, and my sun drenched desk wasn't feeling all too sunny at all drowning in piles of papers and old craft projects.  One day I looked around and realized that something needed to be done about that.

I'd love to show you a "before" picture, but the reality is honestly just too embarrassing to see the light of day here, so we'll be jumping right to the mockup drawings:


I decided to completely gut what I had thrown into this poor little corner, and start fresh.   I wanted to opt for a desk with open shelving so I don't end up falling into the trap of hidden chaos, and force myself to keep my office clean.  I decided to expand my table top workspace, and only keep things on the shelves that I actually use, I.e. my cameras, external HD's, a bin for notebooks, basket for cords I need, and a paper tray for current projects.  My mantra in this was, clean storage for useful things!

Mostly though, I wanted the space to feel how a sunporch should feel, and that is open and bright and full of sun!  I chose a white desk and a light, softly patterned rug to fill the space and bounce light everywhere.

Then, because I am a creative content creator, and I need that bright, wonderful pop of color to drive everything home, I chose a really rich piece of art to draw the eye in, from Janet Hill on Etsy.   Her art is so wonderfully crazy full of color and personality, and I thought this print was just the thing to finish off the office!  The colors in it even tied in with the frame and matt I already had, so that was such a treat.

Finally I added the desktop accessories to carry through some of the pink, oranges and greens from the art print in one other spot.

I'm so happy to be finished and I love working in my happy little office now!

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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