Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Toast and Polka Dots

It's become that time of year that stores are putting out clothing for warmer weather even though the weather is a constant blizzard.  As a result, I've been inspired to dress for the hope of warmer temperatures, and today I opted for some cuffed denim shorts. 

Now it's pretty impractical to walk out in a blizzard in shorts, so I wanted to pull the outfit back into the tolerable zone with a big fuzzy sweater and some tights to layer under the shorts. 

I'm really itching for warmer weather, but in all honesty I'd prefer a constant season of spring — it would be warm enough to wear shorts outfits with tights, but not so hot that you can't wear long pants if you so choose.

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 Polka dot sweater.  I got this sweater back in November as a festive outfit for the holiday season, and I'm happy to say that it makes the transition into spring outfits well.  My favorite feature is the fuzziness of the polka dots.  What is with me and fuzzy shirts?

Forever 21 jean shorts. These were $7.80 at Forever 21, no joke.  I've always wanted to get a pair of denim shorts that were a clean cuffed style like these.  I feel like shorts can very easily stray into the casual/ not put together realm, but the fact that these are cuffed elevates them a bit.  Definitely a good buy.

Express tights. My mother got these for me for Christmas this past year, and I love them!  She and I agree that while tights from Express might be a little bit more pricey, they're definitely durable. 

Forever 21 bow flats.  I'm always a fan of a fun colored shoe to finish off an outfit.  These pink ones should be great for many outfits this spring!  

Migration Co. Happy Toast Pin.  I love my happy toast pin! I was so happy to get it at the renegade craft fair this past summer.  They can be found online here, and you can choose what face you want for your toast!  I personally liked the happy toast because, well, I like being happy.  :)

- The Lovely Red Fox

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