Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Lens Between

The days following a holiday always have an odd feeling to them.  The festivities are over but traces of its occurrence still linger — a paper garland hangs in a doorway or a box of chocolates sits on your bedside table (if you're not ending and beginning your day with chocolate covered caramels you're not really living, now are you?).

At some point a post holiday guilt sets in: how long can I leave this fake decorated tree in my living room? How long can I wear these pumpkin print socks for?  The answer to both questions of course being "however long I damn well please".

With Valentine's day fading away into the "last week" zone of speech, I find myself wondering how much longer I can wear both hearts and the color red.  I'm probably over-analyzing the issue, as both things are not as synonymous with Valentine's day as say candy corn is with Halloween.   Regardless, it's certainly not too late at this point to don these heart print pants in spirit of the holiday.

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 hat.  Whoop whoop for a trendy hat that is neither a huge sunhat or a fedora.

Forever 21 striped shawl.  This shawl is super bizarre and I love it/ that's why I was drawn to it.  It's a puzzle to figure out just how to hang/fold/store it, but honestly that's a pretty entertaining feature.  I love pieces that break all sorts of rules, and this definitely falls into that category.

Forever 21 heart pants.  I got these on clearance for like $16, and now I am obsessed with them.

Kohl's grey shirt.  This shirt has lasted quite some time.  Actually, I honestly couldn't tell you how long I've had it.

Earthbound Trading Co. magnifying glass necklace.  I bought this necklace for my valentine's day outfit and I'm pretty excited about it.   Not only is it interesting and different, it also doubles as an actual magnifying glass.  I couldn't bring my reading glasses with me to dinner because of the size of my purse, so I used the necklace to read the menu.  This situation was two parts embarrassing to seven parts awesome.

Francesca's watch.  Aughh!  I've needed a watch for so long!  I'm so glad I finally stumbled upon one that I wanted to buy.  This is one happy customer.

*Photos taken by Andrew

- The Lovely Red Fox

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