Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Antique Tea Party

This week's throwback thursday is from a shoot I did last spring with my cousin Elyse for my spring 2013 Lovely Red Fox lookbook.  I really enjoyed styling these outfits in a quirky vintage fashion.

I love mixing vintage pieces with the odd present day piece to create a look that exists in some nonexistent time period.  One of my favorite things about shooting for my Lovely Red Fox line was the fantasy world and the mood surrounding it.

On Elyse:

Urban Outfitters blue romper.  One of my favorites in my romper collection.  I found this for $10 on the clearance rack at Urban, and I love everything about it!

Lovely Red Fox bowtie and hat.  Ruler print bow tie with collar clips, and a blue speckle print hat with feather plumes.

Jones New York Blouse.  A nice soft button down found in my mother's closet.  I love the color and the button detailing on this blouse.  It makes it a solid addition to many outfits.

Cream Woolen Tights.  These solid cream colored tights provide a pop of contrast for many darker toned outfits, lightening them up a bit.

Forever 21 boot heels. also featured here.

On Me:

Lovely Red Fox hat and bowtie.  Red striped hat with feather plumes and fabric bow; golden flower print bowtie with collar clips.

White Blouse.  Also from my mother's closet.  While this blouse is a little crazy for normal day wear for me, I love the way it plays in these photographs as a balance to the cream tights in the other outfit.  It adds a touch of whimsy to the scene as well.

Forever 21 cat shorts.  I love that these shorts are high-waisted and thus lend themselves to a more vintage silhouette, but are brought back to present day with a crisp cat print.  Plus they're a little crazy, so I love that too. 

Old Navy Jeggings.  Again, these leggings provide the perfect balance to the outfit in a way that wouldn't have worked with a solid color.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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