Friday, February 14, 2014

A Golden Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope everyone is having a great one, whether you're spending it with your significant other or using it to enjoy the love you've got with friends and family.   I like valentine's day because it has an effect similar to that of thanksgiving to me.  Without being too cheesy,
I'll just leave it at the fact that it reminds me of how much I appreciate all the people in my life. 

And, as goes with any holiday, I get all excited to style a perfect valentine's day outfit.  While this isn't quite the outfit I'll be wearing out to dinner this evening, it is one inspired by the valentine's day season.  

I love adding golden touches to a Valentine's outfit because it makes it feel all the more special — I'd say that though six of the seven pieces used in this outfit are black, the floral print and golden details elevate it to a more festive look.

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 

Infinity Scarf.  As I've previously mentioned, scarves have become a recent addition to my wardrobe, and none are more user friendly than the infinity scarf.  This scarf has become one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.  It matches so many things, is warm, easy to style, and has an elevated feel to it due to the gold triangles lining the edges.

Black Blazer.  This is the infamous black blazer that has been lost for the past few months.  Good news, my mother found it when she was cleaning out the coat closet over the holidays.  I literally jumped for joy when she told me she'd found it over the phone.  I absolutely looooove this blazer.
Floral A-line dress.  This cute cap-sleeved a-line dress is designed in a really classically simple style, but spruced up with a fun intricate floral pattern that is sprinkled with golds and blues, and most importantly for valentine's day, pink!

Buckled Handbag.  I love that this handbag is so structured and has lots of pockets inside of it.  I've used it almost every day since I bought it, and it is definitely a good bag. 
black leggings, shoes, and knee socks.

Cuff Earrings.  I want to put a million emoticons in this description, but I'll spare y'all.  These earrings are the strangest, most wonderful earrings ever.  I like that I can get an earring that  is decorative for my whole ear, but doesn't require me to go get more holes pierced into my ears.  Also they make me feel like I'm an elf, and that is a strangely wonderful feeling.

Belt from my mother's closet.  I feel like this belt has been a strong staple in my wardrobe for almost six years now.  It's the perfect size for a waist belt and matches sooo many different things.  It's the perfect final touch to an outfit!

- The Lovely Red Fox


  1. Lovely outfit :) you're photographs are stunning!