Friday, February 7, 2014

Robot Mail

Quirky, fun trends are definitely something that can be found on my "things I love" list.  I love finding that strange, kind of cute piece that has a unique pattern on it, or a fun texture to it.  Sometimes I think this also contributes to the issues I have trying to put together outfits in the morning before work.  Do I wear this fun poncho I got last week?  If I do, what on earth am I going to wear under it?  I don't have anything plain and long sleeved!  And so this is how my mornings go.

Still, sometimes my quirky shopping method works itself out.  Here I've paired my latest clothing crush (UM, robot print dress, need I say more???) with a fuzzy cardigan.  Definitely good for the cold weather, and definitely good for my love of robots. 

I might have also mentioned before (a la my street style interview last summer) how I like to create "little moments"  in my outfits.  I'm loving this outfit for two reasons: one being that from far away it has nice contrast with the pops of red and mustard against the larger black and white robot print.  The second reason I love it is because upon closer inspection you notice the detail on the belt, the fuzziness of the sweater, the envelope earrings, and the full circle robot charm necklace.   So while the quirky cute trends might not be for everybody out there, I'm definitely a fan!

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 robot dress.
Forever 21 red belt.
Forever 21 Mohair yellow cardigan.
Forever 21 black leggings.
Forever 21 robot necklace and mail earrings.
* photos by Andrew

- The Lovely Red Fox

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