Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bundling up

It's been particularly freezing lately which makes it tricky to both style outfits for the blog and go out and shoot them.  I haven't been styling the outfits with coats for two reasons: one being that the coats cover up the rest of the outfit, and the other being that a person can only have so many coats, and thus they would become repetitive.

This particular coat however, I wanted to highlight because I'm quite excited about it.  It photographed more of a red color, but in reality it is more of a burnt orange/ rust shade.  I've really been searching for a warm colored coat that is bright in color, warm, and has a hood.  This coat meets all three criteria!

Coats are very defining, as we often only own a few, and thus are more likely to have them be something that people recognize us by.  It is for this reason that I am fairly picky about the coats that I purchase.  I am pretty excited about this new addition to my family of coats.

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 pocket dress.   A recent addition to my wardrobe, I am excited to pair this dress with fun sweaters, patterned tights, and longer necklaces.
Forever 21 beaded sweater.  A classic piece that functions both as a good neutral piece and a statement piece.

Forever 21 winter hat.  I got this hat recently on clearance for less than $5.  It is so perfect for this winter weather; it's like wearing a fur helmet.

Scarf. A gift from my grandma.  I love the taupe and blue/grey hues in this scarf, and very much appreciate its warmth!

Alpine Design boots.  A gift from my mother for Xmas and definitely just what I needed with all this snow!

Old Navy Jeggings.  These leggings are very versatile.   Often I struggle to find bottoms for brown-based outfits, and these denim-looking leggings always seem to be the perfect solution!

Deluxe owl winter mittens.  Friendly and warm!

Forever 21 Orange winter coat.

* photos taken by Andrew

- The Lovely Red Fox

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  1. Such a pretty outfit! Very fashionable even in snowy weather :) Love your coat!