Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Lovely Little Refresh

You may have noticed a few changes happening around these pages!

Coming back from the PNW last month after Andrew and I joined in marriage, I wanted to take some time to reflect.  To reassess, and to really listen to my heart and the artist inside of me to tell me what
I wanted to work on next, what I wanted to make, and what I wanted to share in this space.  

In taking that step back, I realized that there were a number of things on this site I wanted to change, pertaining to the look of it, and what I wanted people to discover once their screens landed here.  I realized a lot of things were out of date, and weren't a current reflection of what I wanted this space to say. 

Sometimes, I think we're so concerned with not 'falling behind', that we don't take the time to update some of the most important things. 


I spent a good week working on updating the banner image for this blog (the old one had been there for 6 years!), changing the navigation buttons at the top, and adding a sidebar that could show you visually what some of the topics I'm sharing are.  

I also added a 'featured post' section at the top, moved my archive and reading links to the bottom footer, and switched up my on-page Instagram feed!  It feels good to do some summer cleaning as it were, on this digital space of mine.  It feels fresh and ready to move forward, and I feel like it reflects the confidence that I'm feeling these days — I feel refreshed and creative, and excited in a more positive way than I've felt in a long time.  Perhaps I'm feeding off of all the love from the wedding, and having everyone come together and make a beautiful, love filled day.  Who knows?   But I'm excited to soak it up and channel it into creating some beautiful content coming up.  

Additionally, I updated my about page, which I haven't done in almost 4 years, whoops!

Looking forward to sharing some loveliness soon, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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