Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Afternoon in the Orchard

Ah, September.

I think September might be my favorite month out of the whole year.   I think its generally a little under-appreciated, because all month people are racing to get to October, mentally.  A lot of people have the stress of the 'back to school' season, either prepping their kids for the return to school, or readjusting to campus life... and then the next thing on a lot of people's minds is crisp autumn air, PSL's and Halloween.

But September is in my opinion, the best weather month of the year to get out and enjoy.

It's just barely chilled off a bit so it's comfortable outside, but you can still enjoy summertime activities also.   That, and we get all the fun pre-fall things like apple picking!

I recently took a trip down to my college town to visit my friend Alayna, and we had a great time baking, shopping at antique stores, and visiting the local apple orchard.

The orchard was so beautiful and peaceful, I just had to snap lots of pictures to remember our apple afternoon!  : )

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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