Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Billows and Breeze

It's funny, this shoot was definitely one that would fall under my personal category of 'Not so Great'.  But, I've been trying hard to not be so hard on myself creatively, so I wanted to work through my struggles and still get this one up for all that it's worth.  

A million things went wrong:  

I was running out of time in the day to get it done.

I literally shot it a day before I wanted it posted, which is not my preferred workflow (I like to plan things out in big ol' batches).

The sunlight was particularly direct and I kept trying to time my shots for cloud cover, but kept getting direct sunlight making a lot of the shots less desirable for me. 

And I forgot to charge my camera battery so it was basically dying the second I got to the location. 

So A LOT of things were less than ideal. 

But I'm feeling some redemption in the fact that now that I'm putting this final product together, it actually doesn't look half as bad as I'd been thinking it would!   I think all this mindset is me putting way too much pressure on myself to produce 'good' work, and the thought that if something isn't perfect it isn't worth posting.   But guess what?  Life isn't perfect!

And I'm really happy with a few gems in this little breezy story.  :)


Forever 21 Jumpsuit + Jacket  |  Francesca's Hair Bow  |  Kendra Scott Necklace + Bracelet
Francesca's Sandals  |  Target Drawstring Bag



Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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