Thursday, September 26, 2019

One Windy Morning

I'm not totally sure what it is about the water that makes it have such a calming effect on me.  Sometimes I feel the best way to clear my mind is just to make my way down to the lake and sit on the rocks for a few minutes, watching the waves come crashing in. 

I watch as they loom in the water, each seemingly more powerful than the next.   They build strength, and finally crest and crash downward, messy and beautiful, tumbling chaotically into the large stones, then drip back into the lake and lap backwards, waiting for the next crest to fall. 


Maybe it's because it feels like the only thing around me that wasn't placed there by people.  Even the park I sit in as I write has been designated as a place where nature can be.  It's pruned, the grass is routinely cut, and there's acceptable hours to occupy it — nothing is truly wild here. 

Not that the lake is truly wild either. 

But the waves themselves  — they are truly unpredictable in such a beautiful, natural way. ♥

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Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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