Thursday, September 19, 2019

Fresh from the Fields

I've been wondering a lot lately why we are so prone to procrastination.  It often seems like there's this little voice going, "we could do that, OR... we could just do something else instead", even when it's things that we really will be happy we did.  Like sweeping the kitchen or studying for a big test, or sometimes for me, going out and shooting these outfit photos.  I'm always excited once I get home to get the images on my desktop and start sifting through and editing, choosing the best shots and painting in light here and there.   I love styling the outfits, and even writing my little blurb of thoughts
like this one.  And once I actually get out there in the field (no pun intended with the context of these photos!), I usually get into my groove and get excited about the colors and the angles and making some fun imagery.   But there's always that getting ready to shoot part and the beginning of the shoot that that little voice crops up.  It likes to tell me that it won't work out, or I'm silly, or everything I try to make will be "bad".  It makes me totally over-aware of every person that walks by or says hello.

I've read from some of my favorite bloggers that if you want to keep creating great content then you just have to ignore these things,
and  k e e p .  o n . g o i n g .

And I feel like quite recently I've been able to push past that little voice saying that everything will be bad.  And I've been really happy with everything that's come out of my efforts in the last few weeks.  So here's a reminder to anybody out there who needs to hear it:

What you're doing has value.  Keep making things that you love.


J u s t .  k e e p .  m a k i n g .



Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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