Friday, February 1, 2019

Date Night Outfit Laydowns

Hey guys!

Today on the blog I've put together a few fun looks for date night outfit inspirations for you lovelies!  These are some of my favorite recent pulls ranging from a nice dinner out to a fun casual coffee date.  I love putting together a great head to toe look for any meal out on the town!  

1.  The Fine Dining Look

We recently went out for a nice dinner out at one of our favorite local haunts — a delectable farm to table american fare restaurant that has great flavors and warms the soul.  Even the leftovers the next day were super on point and brought me right back to our little date the night before.  I wore an outfit very similar to the one in the photos above — a classic all black look that is classy and simple, a la Audrey Hepburn.  I got this great wool sweater at a thrift store, but it's J Crew and I love the fringy details on the bottom hem and 3/4 length sleeves.   Top off your all black look with some neutral nail polish and a white necklace for contrast, and you're all set with a simple but striking look!


2.  The Casual Eatery Look

One of my personal favorite nights out — the upscale dining haunt that doesn't have upscale pricing.   I would definitely wear this winter look out to some of our favorite local dinner spots, keeping it a little casual with the denim jacket but still a little fancy.   When it comes to denim jackets I usually opt for the cropped fitted look because it always seems the most flattering for me.  So I like to scoop them up when I see them, because I somehow usually only come across boxy ones!  This one has that slightly dressed up look with the beaded detailing and black denim wash.

3.  The City Dinner Out

This look is something I would probably wear if we were to go have a nice dinner in the city.  It's a little edgy with the leather skirt, and the chenille-turtle neck layering is also a bit more fashion forward.  I love the different material mixing in this outfit, and I think it's what makes this one a little more upscale for the city while keeping the edgy vibe.


4.  The Upscale Date Look

I think this one would be great for dinner and a show if you were seeing a show in the city and wanted to dress a little more upscale.  I know people pretty much wear anything to the theatre now, but I think it's a fun opportunity to dress up!  I love the dramatic jewelry in this look that pull specific colors out of the print on the shift dress, and of course the vintage wrist gloves!  I happened upon these little beauties on my vintage sourcing adventures, and I just adore them.  I can't wait to wear them when we go see some shows in the city this February!


5.  The Boho Coffee Date

I know this one is pretty trendy, so it may not be for everyone, but I would love to wear this on a casual daytime date with Drew!  The whole look is pretty boho, and pairs a nice solid embroidered dress with a cozy patterned cape cardigan and a boho hat.  I could also see wearing this out with friends for a lunch and shopping day.  :)


6.  The Boho Meets Victorian Lunch Date Look 

This one I basically just wanted to throw in because it's my favorite look currently.  I totally lean toward mixing trends together, and I'm particularly drawn to the fringe and victorian style blouses currently.  Then recently I saw and loved this green velvet number but realized I would need to style it more casual if I wanted to wear it for more than the occasional party!  I really would wear most of this outfit any opportunity that presented itself, but I might save the accessories for a fancier event.

Until Next Time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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