Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Valentine's Home Decor


This time of year is always a little bit of limbo in the home.  We recently had some family over for dinner and I realized: A. that I needed to take down the Christmas tree, and B. I didn't know how to decorate the house.  After the decor explosion that is Christmas, it seems like you take everything down and suddenly
things feel very bare and empty.

Ultimately, we ended up putting all the Christmas decor into storage, and I settled for the lighter look with a fresh new floral arrangement.  It was at the local Trader Joe's where I usually get my florals, that I kind of realized that Valentine's was the next holiday to transition to.  So our V-day decor grew out of the one arrangement!  

Little roses are a great winter transitioning flower and they dry nicely to boot!  I actually used a bit of dried greenery from my winter arrangement to fill out my new roses, and added a little bit of fresh baby's breath as well.  I love the idea of mixing a little dried filler to help add more texture and organic quality to arrangements.  I was definitely inspired by our wedding florist, the very talented Vanessa of VanessaSchmidtCo., I am so excited to have her creating and styling for our wedding. 

So inspired by the rose arrangement, I decided to style together a little date night table scape for today's blog for you love birds out there!  My ideal color scheme for our house this february is the blush pink pops balanced with navy, cream, brown and some elements of green.  I've almost been feeling like green is becoming a neutral to my eyes now — at least in terms of interior or space styling, you always want to have some "life" (read: plants) in a space, and usually that life is green!  That's part of why I chose green for our new couch as well.  In my mind green and blue can both act as strong supporting players for a whole multitude of pop colors through the seasons. 


In addition to the table scape, I also wanted to share a few other details and ideas for spreading the love through your house this season.  I used some extra roses to create a washi tape floral install on one of our pass-throughs, and also made a simple heart garland for this space as well.  This was really simple and all you need is some little clothes pins, string, and red and gold cardstock.  All these can be found at your local art store.  A simple and fast craft to add something fun to your house!

Last but not least, I restyled our kitchen shelves with some fun little display items to pull the spaces together for the season.  I'm not totally ready to do a kitchen reveal for y'all yet, but here's a little sneak peek of our focal wall and that vinyl wallpaper I mentioned on an insta-story from when we first moved in!

Until Next Time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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