Thursday, February 21, 2019

Freezing in the Midwest

It's a cold Midwest out there as of late.  It's such a strange experience visiting the beach during this time of year.  Most people don't think of taking a trip to the beach during the colder months, but I love it because it completely transforms into a very different place.  The crunch of frozen sand mixed with ice is a odd
feeling as you traverse the strange shorelines.

We truly see a wide range of seasons here in the Midwest, and when you take the time to see it, you realize it really is beautiful.  



All beauty aside though, I did have to make multiple attempts at shooting this week's outfit post.  The first day that I tried to shoot it worked great for my schedule, but not for the practicality of shooting outdoors!  The lighting was beautiful, the lake had an ethereal quality to it, but it was 6 degrees out and I lasted about 5 minutes shooting outside with no coat or gloves.  Luckily, I came back a few days later when it was about 20 degrees and the lake was even more beautiful than the first day.  So patience prevails, I suppose.  


Until Next Time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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