Friday, February 8, 2019

Fondue Date

If you're looking for a great little tradition to start this Valentine's, fondue is a great way to go.  Andrew and I usually make fondue as a tradition for New Year's Eve, but it would also work great for a Valentine's date night with your significant other, or a great Galentine's get together with your gal pals!

For New Year's we usually try to do the full gamut of cheese, oil & meat, and chocolate fondues, but today I wanted to hone in on cheese!  Fondue can be a great meal with a wide assortment of dunkables.



We've tried lots of different fondues over the years, and have multiple fondue books, but I would say that this Vacherin Fondue out of Fiona Smith's Fondue is the one I keep coming back to, and is my personal favorite for cheese.  It features Gruyere and Fontina cheeses and also adds in caramelized shallots!  

To get the most out of your fondue, it's best to have an array of possible dippers for your cheese.  You can opt for just french bread, and that will be wonderful too!!  In our example, we had cherry tomatoes, apple slices,  and roasted mushrooms & broccoli (we roasted these in the oven ahead of time, with salt, pepper and olive oil) for our fruits and veggies.  We also had the ever-famous cubed french bread and also some dried cured meat.  This added a really interesting dimension to our fondue!  All in all though, we both noted that the classic bread and also the broccoli and mushrooms were really the best dipping pairs!  

I hope this helps inspire you for your next fondue night :)

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- The Lovely Red Fox

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  1. Great post - I think it would be so fun to go to a fondue place! You have definitely inspired me :)
    -Jenna ♥
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