Friday, February 22, 2019

Bathroom Reveal


Hey there lovelies!!!

Boy has this one been a long time coming.  Not only do I feel like it's really been far too long of a timeline on sharing our house updates with you guys, but this one feels like it has been years in the making.  Back in 2016 I posted a before post that featured a before picture of the bathroom at our old apartment, and a mood board for what I planned to do with it design wise... 

Well now it's three years later and here we are, at a new apartment and finally posting the bathroom makeover with you.  I did make a version of this happen in our old place and we really loved it, I just never made the post about it happen.  Part of this I realized as I was putting this together, was because bathrooms are honestly just really awkward to shoot you guys...  They're small and oddly lit, and it's really difficult to get photos that accurately convey what it's like to be in the space.  But I think I've done my best with this one!

I love our new bathroom space.  Our old space was more of a long corridor shape, and our new one is square and I love the way the light streams in from the shower window.  It usually feels full of light and is uplifting.  Way back in 2016 I had made the mood board for the bathroom.  Most of our home has a refined palette with mostly blues and greens, a very cohesive and calming feel.  But I wanted to have some fun and lively vibes in our bathroom space, with bright primary colors and a forest/ nautical theme. 

As with all our spaces, I am happy to have our bathroom decor be a weaving of different threads of our life and adventures coming together.  Some things are newly bought, and some things have family history to them, or come from a trip we went on.  The buoys are a mixture of family heirlooms and one that we bought on our trip to Bar Harbor with Andrew's Dad.  I hung them using 5lb command hooks from Target.  The gold bowl I bought at Target, but the knit fruit I bought at an estate sale, where they told me the woman who made them used to spin and dye her own yarn, making these a truly unique piece.  And the yellow and green framed prints were some I found and painted these colors to stand out in our new space.


World Market Shelving Unit  |  Society6 Art Print  |  Owl figure from Andrew's trip to Greece |
Blue pottery from Bar Harbor |  Hand Towels Opal House from Target   

I also love being able to add dimension to a space by using different forms of wall decor.  I love to mix traditional flat art with items that have some dimension, like the buoys or the circular shelving unit from World Market.  For everything, I try not to get every piece in one place, and as can be seen in my timeline of how long it took for all this to come together, the process doesn't happen overnight either.  It takes time, but it's so worth it.  Now walking in here every morning I am reminded of all the fun places that these things came from and how they can come together to tell the story of our life.  It makes me so excited to start the day and keep on writing that story.  :)

Owl Painting painted by Andrew's Mom.  The colors go perfectly with everything!!


Until Next Time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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