Friday, February 15, 2019

Follow Friday

Hi guys!

Welcome to the February edition of Follow Friday over here in my corner of the internet :).

I've been loving a lot of lovely insta accounts over here day to day, and I thought I'd share some of the loveliness with you.  Happy to add a little loveliness to your insta-feeds!

1. Lindsey Pemberton

Currently loving this lovely lady so much.  Lindsey has an incredible way of documenting the simple pleasures of life through her pictures of her family on their farm.  All of her imagery conveys this cozy, comforting feeling regardless of season.  She has a great moody element to her editing style both in the individual images and her feed as a whole.  Not only do we get to love her precious images of her family and home life, but she is an excellent illustrator as well.  So we get to enjoy her pictures AND her beautiful illustrated images of life as well.  Her color choices and framing of her illustrations are so attentive to detail, and I love getting to see her frame on her world! 

2. Bookish Bronte

Bronte Huskinson is the owner of the insta-handle @bookishbronte, and she is quite the creative photographer!  I love filling my feed with artists like this, that incorporate the surreal frequently into their grams.  As the name would suggest, Bronte features books and book pages into her feed pretty frequently, and always has a dreamy quality to her art.  I connect with this a lot because I always wanted to use fantastical and dreamy elements in my work in college.   I also love the work she does in making art pieces out of books, like the top right image!

3. Jaglever

Rachel Iwanyszyn is one of my new top faves in my feed.  From following her feed I feel like we are kind of similar in a lot of ways, but she is a little more grunge than I tend to lean.  I love her style and her incorporation of small illustrations with her instagrams.   She uses color in such a bold way, and a lot of her images are super-sharpened, which gives a really unique feel to her feed.  Definitely one to watch, she is very talented!

4. Amy Flying a Kite

Amy Nelson is another newer fave.  Her feed is filled with flowers.  She is a Canadian artist and her feed has a very cohesive vibe made up of bright reds and yellows and a grainy overall texture.  A lot of her imagery is aerial spreads of flowers, and she also does a lot of large bouquets covering her person as well.  Everything has a very other worldly abstract and mixed media surreal kind of feel.  

Loving it

@iwantlittleboxes  |  @moonriselan  |  @aclotheshorse  |  @meikiteddy  |
@barbaragraves_  |  @i_stolethemoon  |  @pinkoijp  |  @joies_ru

5. Good After Nine

Good After Nine is actually a jewelry company that I found through another of my favorite bloggers.  They create really beautiful and detailed necklaces and rings (and more) that have animal features on them.  I especially love the fox and cat rings, but I love a lot of their pieces!  Their feed is mostly made up of blogger's images of their pieces, but I love seeing new stylings of these beautiful pieces!

6. jerianie

Jerianie is a Finnish artist that creates a gorgeous feed.  I adore her use of color.  Everything has just the right level of saturation to draw you in.  I love her style and also just her ability to create so much interest within the frame.  Every image is so full of light and color.  You go girl!  Keep on creating! 

Until Next Time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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