Thursday, June 18, 2020

Victorian Blooms


It's going to sound crazy, but I think this year might be the first ever that I've actually had enough time to stop and literally smell the roses around me.  

Every transitioning season (fall and spring) I am so desperate to stop and take time to fully appreciate the subtle changes in nature around me.  I always knew spring meant flowers, but until this year I'm not sure I actually ever saw them.   Life has been so... busy and unending at some points, and every year I have this urgent longing to spend the spring and summer taking note of the trees but have never had the right amount of time to do it.  

I love nature so much, and it is truly incredible how many different types of flowering bushes and trees there are in just my town!   I am constantly in awe of these tiny, beautiful, incredible things created by nature.  

Truly experiencing spring this year has really reinforced some things about the life I wish to have in my future.  This slow living thing truly has made me into a happier, calmer person.  There will always be influences out there pushing you back into this chaotic, busy-bee lifestyle that has taken over society, and I need to breathe and remind myself to stay the course despite these temptations.  

And remember that stopping to smell the roses is an important part of this life.



Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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