Saturday, June 20, 2020

Celebrating Litha

This weekend is the summer solstice, otherwise known as Litha.

June 21st has the longest amount of daylight in a day for the year, and marks the beginning of the descent into winter, aka the height of summer, or midsummer.

You can celebrate this holiday in many ways, including bonfires, decorating oak trees with ribbons and flowers, enjoying fruits and mead, and also honey cakes are traditional.

Other ideas for celebration might be going on a picnic or making a flower crown.  No matter how you celebrate, the best part of Litha is enjoying and celebrating the sun!

Honey cakes are traditional because it is said that mischievous faeries are out on this midsummer evening, and the cakes will be seen as a symbolic gesture!

To make my honey cake, I followed this recipe over at Moodymoons, and made a simple icing out of milk, honey, vanilla and powdered sugar to brush over the top! 😊



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— The Lovely Red Fox

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