Tuesday, June 9, 2020

My June Capsule

Hello friends!

After all the fun I had with my May capsule last month, I've decided to keep going with the idea and do another capsule for June.  😊

I'm learning some things as I go about my daily fashion habits, so this routine is really helping me a lot!

Before I would usually drag out all my clothes for a season — a haphazard mix of prints and colors — and do my best to make something work every day out of what was there.  I generally would get a little lost, trying to find something that would help another item work, and it ended up being that getting dressed was kind of an arduous task with lots of going back and forth.  But I loved fashion so much that I didn't want to just get rid of all my favorite things for favor of a less creative wardrobe, so instead I started trying to make month wardrobes!

By doing this, I curate a mix of pieces that will actually pair together well and all fit into the same color palette and style umbrella (i.e. girly, boho, grunge, etc.).  This way, my style remains consistent over a period of time, and getting dressed is easy and fun again!   Also, I still get to wear all of my favorite trendy seasonal pieces, but make sure that they are supported by neutral friends so they can shine!


So, from my first capsule I had a few takeaways:

  • I'm not necessarily going to include items that I use for my art / fashion posts in the capsules.  I did this with some shorts for my May capsule that, while they are really cute and were fun for photos, I actually didn't ever want to wear IRL.  Realistically, I would need to lose weight to wear them in actual life, so I really shouldn't have included them.  Also, since my work is starting to drift into the fairytale realm, there may be things I wear in photos that are just not everyday outfit type items, so it isn't practical to put them in my daily outfit wardrobes.  These items are just going to be separate things, and I just have to deal with that.  
  • In a similar vein, around mid-month I started to feel like I could have done with more bottom options.  This is honestly a hurdle I deal with a lot, that is, finding bottoms I actually like.  I included 2 pairs of shorts in the May capsule that I should have known I wouldn't ever be inclined to put on on an average day, and I should have listened to my gut.  So for the June capsule, I committed to finding more bottoms that would actually work for me.  Summer and spring is one season that I have a pretty dire shortage of bottoms that I enjoy wearing, so I invested in a couple new bottoms when curating this capsule. 
  • In my May capsule I opted for only 3 pairs of shoes.  My original framework was 4, and I think that's necessary.  I included a pair of heels last month, which were cute for a couple outfits, but if I'm going to include heels, I think it's best to include 3 practical shoe options as well, for variety and versatility. 
  • Same goes for purses.  I think I need at least 2 neutrals, and maybe one pop color to round out the set.  Otherwise I might run into not having a matching purse. 
  • Finally, I think I need to be extra careful with the prints.  Last month my purple and green capris became problematic when I went to try to build an outfit and really struggled because the print didn't include any of my pop colors from the wardrobe.  Prints need to be vetted harder by trying to pair them before adding!
  • For the most part though, I think everything went really well and I'm just learning how to do things smarter this time!!  

For June, I'm picking a warm but laid back color palette, based on watery blues,warm honey yellows and a touch of seafoam green, with neutrals like cream, sand and black.   The whole thing should feel breezy and beachy, with slight hints toward an english rose garden.  I'm pretty in love with it. 

So without further ado, here's the lowdown:


I'm opting for seven tops this round, because I couldn't narrow it down to 6.  It's actually one less than last month, so we'll see what effect that has.  I went with a mix of textures, graphics, and prints, with colors spanning most of the neutrals and pop colors, so hopefully it's a smash!  Most were tops I already owned, with one being something I thrifted back in March, and one being a new thrift off of Poshmark that I'm pretty excited about, the Yellow Eyelet Modcloth blouse.  All but one are short sleeved or sleeveless, because I anticipate it being pretty warm in June. 


I chose three layering pieces, in yellow, cream and denim.  All of these are lightweight and breezy, and should provide adequate pairings for the tops and dresses, should an extra layer be needed.  I already owned all of these. 


The dresses were perhaps one of the trickier departments for this pull.  Summer dresses have long been the achilles heel of my wardrobe — between dresses and shorts I always have a rough time putting together outfits in the summer!  Hopefully I finally got it right with one green romper (love this one!), a silver dress, a black dress, and a new thrift from Poshmark. It's for a shoot this month but is also one of my favorite pieces of the whole set!  This seafoam lace dress is what dreams are made of, and I'd be perfectly content in a perpetual teatime with the mad hatter wearing this!



I chose three pairs of shorts for this month, because June should be getting a little warmer.  I'm also hoping that I've done well with the assortment this time, because the white and denim shorts are both ones I've worn previous years and been totally comfortable in.  The black ones are new this year that I ordered from Free People because Noelle Downing was wearing them on her Insta story a couple weeks back and they looked sooo comfortable but cute!


I'm not sure if I'll be wearing a ton of pants in June, but just in case, I've chosen 2 pairs.  First is my all time favorite summer pants that I got 2 years ago from Francesca's (I LIVED in these pants last summer!), and a pair of high waisted embroidered denim that I've also loved for a while.  


So far, I'm feeling pretty solid on the bottoms choices, meaning that I know I feel confident about wearing the ones I've already mentioned, and I'm glad since that was sort of a shortcoming from last month.  Now we're onto skirts. I chose to thrift 2 new skirts for this month's capsule, because my closet is severely lacking summer skirts.  I'm really excited about both purchases.  One is a new thrift off Poshmark with a yellow flower print, and the other is from Mata Traders and is plaid!  



I've learned my lesson with purses, and have opted for one black, one blue, and one brown/ wicker one for this capsule.  I also chose a cute little bumble bee coin purse to fit with the theme!


For shoes, I'm definitely leaning into comfortable breathable options for summer.  We do a lot of walking along the lakefront in the summer, so sandals are a must!  I chose black and rattan sandals, and also added in some light blue mules, and some yellow kitten heels.


For this month, I'm opting for a big oversized sunhat, a polka dot hair ribbon, and a yellow scrunchie!

I'm pretty excited about this month's capsule!  

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Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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