Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sun Soaked Summer Days

Sometimes you just want to walk to the beach or down the street with a book in hand and a big ol' sun hat to relax.  I feel that this outfit translates that feeling; being relaxed, enjoying summer, basking in the sun rays.  It feels very suburban neighborhood weekend or something.  It helps that when I was shooting this I was visiting my parents, which brought me back to all the afternoons and weekends I would walk down to the pond or the lake and sit and enjoy nature, writing in my journal. 

It's funny how a place can change so much over the course of your life.  The place you thought you could always come back to that would never change — that would instantly transport you to your childhood — suddenly grows up on you.  New picnic areas are erected, curbs are added to streets that were perviously less formal, regal trees are felled by wind and storms, people move away, and businesses change.  All these things, small and large, contribute to a new place that you come back to.  Some things are still very much the same, yet others have changed enormously.  And for some reason you thought everything would be just as you left it, untouched by time.  But each return trip lends something new, and it's not the same place that you left seven years ago when you went off to school. 

And how could it be?

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 Boater Hat.

Forever 21 Polka Dot Crop.

Forever 21 Oxfords.

Forever 21 Lace Shorts (old).

- The Lovely Red Fox

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