Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Our Eastcoast Adventure Part 3

Southwest Harbor

While we spent a lot of our trip up in Bar Harbor and exploring the island as a whole, we actually stayed in the town of Southwest Harbor.  It's a quiet little seaside harbor town that's very peaceful, about 20 minutes away from the main town of Bar Harbor.  Most of our trip was very sunny and warm but a few days in we woke up to a gentle fog overtaking the island.

Lobster traps sitting on the docks

It was this morning that we made our way up Beech Mountain and got to bear witness to the fog overwhelming the trees and rolling up the hills.  It seemed like a lot of people we passed were complaining about the fog, saying that it was diluting the colors in their pictures, but I thought it was beautiful.

There is something so freeing about standing on the edge of a cliff and looking down at how small the trees are so far below.  Really every part of nature in Acadia is incredible.  From the way the roots of the trees twist and turn along the paths, cropping up here and there, to the mushrooms growing underfoot, to the indescribable, beautiful rock formations hugging the ocean.  There is something so calming and humbling about seeing the beauty of nature in this way.  It takes you away from the busy bustling cities, and the cars, factories and businesses and all those other crazy things that fill our lives, and you realize that we are but a speck in time, and space, even just the world.

These rock formations you see in these pictures were a magma cavern miles beneath the earth that was feeding two volcanoes many many years ago.  Since then, time and erosion have worn away all the land that stood between the volcanoes and the magma cavern, and then the magma cooled into a rock forming these mountains. To think how different the world is now, think how much has changed, and will change in the future.  To think how small we are as humans and how humbling that fact is.  I think I needed that reminder.  That even when life gets so stressful and we think we can hardly bear it, we are but a moment in time and in history.  What's going to happen will happen.  Time will go on and the Earth will change and it will create new, wonderful, beautiful things with the pieces of the past.  

- The Lovely Red Fox

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