Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Plaid and Paprika

As fall draws near, I find myself being flitting toward the rich colors associated with the season.  Those deep rust colors, burgundies,  and mustard yellows are all just begging to be paired with some wonderful plaid and a pair of knee high socks.  I just can't resist!  Though the leaves have not started changing colors, and the warmth is still all around us, I'm excited for styling for fall because as we all know around the midwest, true fall does not last for very long.  You wait all year to break into that sweater collection, and before you know it you're bundling up so much you don't even get to see them. I'm so so excited for fall, but soo not looking forward to all the layering and  feet of snow building up on the cars!

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 (everything)

- The Lovely Red Fox

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