Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Savory Shiitake Mushroom, Bacon and Mascarpone Crepes

Last week I took charge of the kitchen and cooked dinner for my family for five days in a row — I was on a cooking spree.  One of the nights I decided to wing it a little bit, and set out to make some mushroom and cream cheese crepes.  The inspiration came from
my favorite dish at Radio Maria in Champaign, IL: the Wild Mushroom Crepes.  It had been a while since I'd had the dish, but let me tell you, I dream about those crepes.  Everything is delicious, from the perfectly seasoned greens on top right down to the delicate trails of tomato jam lining the plate.

So to create my own interpretation of that far off dream of a meal, I started by grocery shopping for all the right ingredients.  I couldn't quite remember the exact ingredients that were in the filling of the crepes, but I decided to go a little rogue on it — I gathered up some freshly sliced shiitake mushrooms, a few slices of bacon from the meat counter (by the way, getting bacon from the meat counter is definitely the economical way to go bacon-wise, especially if you only need a few slices for a recipe. It's cheaper, and it's fresher too!), and some delicious mascarpone cream cheese.

When I started to cook the meal,  I realized that I didn't have a savory crepe batter recipe.  I have a sweet crepe recipe (And of course the chocolate crepe batter recipe from earlier this summer), but nothing savory!  So I searched online and I found this little number: Savory Crepes with Mushroom and Bacon Filling.  How Coincidental!  Anywho, I snagged the savory crepe batter portion from this site, and set out to make some awesome mushroom and bacon crepes!

After cooking the crepes, mushrooms, and bacon all separately, I mixed the filling together in a bowl and packed each crepe with a fork-ful of filling and wrapped it up like a cute little mushroom/bacon/cream cheese baby and put them all in a 9x14" baking pan.  I then took a little tip from the aforementioned recipe and stuck them in the oven for a few minutes at 200 degrees F to let the mascarpone melt down a little. 

The last touch is something that came from another favorite restaurant, Egg Harbor.  They always drizzle their crepes with some poppyseed dressing to top it off.  Delish!

Well, now I seem like some sort of crepe-obsessed fool.  I will take this risk. 

Crepe On!

- L

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