Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Custom Doctor Who Bow Tie

This past weekend a friend of mine was in a wedding party, and tasked with finding a bow tie that both contained the color grey/silver, and seemed "Doctor Who-ish".  He was kind enough to
ask me to make him a custom bow tie for the occasion!   So here's how it all turned out:

We settled on a dark grey suiting fabric that I thought sang "New Doctor/ Clara Oswin Doctor", and then added some silver clips that pull it into that victorian era that the Doctor meets Clara in in last winter's Christmas Special.  Here it is all finished and pretty on some wood.

And on my weird face.

And of course, no package is complete without some fun extras!

When I took it to the post office, the woman at the counter asked me if there was anything perishable in the box, and I replied "nope, it's a bow tie".  To which she responded: "bow ties are cool".

'Till next time!

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