Friday, August 30, 2013

Announcing: the Launch of Fox & Hound Photo

Today marked the launch of our photography business, Fox & Hound Photo.  I am so excited to embark on this photographic endeavor with my business partner Cristina Latino.  It will be so amazing to be able to provide people with lasting memories via our business.  I've always had such
an interest in capturing moments, remembering moments, and holding on to moments.  A lot of my work from college was based on nostalgia, and an idealized recount of memories.  Its strange how ephemeral some moments can be, and yet you remember them years later and they can still make you feel so strongly.   I hope we can help people save those moments.

I've kept a ridiculously extensive set of scrapbooks over the years in hopes of holding onto the years as they slip unapologetically through my fingers.  It it kind of crazy how a simple image— ink on paper, or pixels of light on a monitor, can convey so many emotions and trigger so many memories in our minds.  It's poetic, it's instinctive, and it is a prevalent part of the world we live in.  I love photography a great deal, and I am very happy to turn that love into something to share with others.  

You can find us online at or like us on our facebook page here.

- L

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