Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Estate Sale Finds

At the beginning of the summer I went to an estate sale with my grandma in a neighboring town.   I just wanted to share some of the gems I scored at said sale!

The major find that I scooped up was this awesome blue trunk.  It makes an awesome side table for a low chair, or in my case, a small coffee table for my room!  

The next couple of awesome discoveries I found were a glass owl paperweight, and this nifty slab of marble.  I'm a sucker for anything owl-related (hence the other two in the lower picture!), and the marble slab will look awesome in a kitchen or something later in life (maybe perfect for a coffee station or something!).

Lastly, I found this pair of gold-leaf peacock salt and pepper shakers hidden in a corner as we were being shooed out of the house at the end of the sale.  I'm so glad I saw them!  Though they don't seem like they would be particularly clean and therefore not so functional, they make for a great little flair of style on a bookshelf or coffee table!

- L

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